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The featured article pays tribute to ECS's evolution and highlights its successes through a series of collaborative interviews. Established in the spring of 1984, visionary Mohammad Mohseni set out to create what would soon become one of Canada's leading distributors of wire and cable solutions - Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. (ECS). According to Mohseni, the key to ECS's success is about understanding true customer service. From its humble roots, ECS has remained committed to its founding vision. Offering unparalleled customer value and total integrated cable solutions for 25 years.

Sharing a common passion, ECS has built a reputation for going the extra mile. Whether its technical support, odd product enquiries or customer service, clients can depend on ECS to provide solutions that work. This approach has served ECS well and 25 years later, ECS has established a presence in most major Canadian cities with plans for expansion. The company has also planted international roots in the USA and in Dubai.

Reflecting on ECS's success, Mohseni reaffirms that the company's philosophy has not changed since 1984. To provide continuous reliability, availability and simplified superior service to every customer, every day. Before looking to the future, Mohseni expresses his gratitude to the hardworking staff, dedicated suppliers and loyal customers who have made this milestone achievement possible - Thank you to everyone!

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