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347 Volt Boxes and Covers

374 Volt Boxes and Covers - 347 Volt Boxes and Covers

347 Volt boxes are used for the installation of 347 Volt switches for commercial and industrial lighting. All 347 Volt boxes have tapped holes with vertical spacing of 3.531” to accommodate 347 Volt switches. 1204 series boxes feature 2.25" spacing between gangs. Use Hubbell wallplates with HV suffixes. HV version of MBD and MBS series boxes feature 1.812” spacing between gangs. Use wallplates with HVR suffixes.

All Hubbell boxes are CSA certified, unless otherwise stated, and meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code. File numbers are available upon request.

Click to view spec sheet: 2-1/4” X 3” DEVICE BOX - 2-1/2” DEEP 15.7 CUBIC INCHES, 257 ML PER GANG - GANGABLE
DEVICE BOX 1/2" (2)
DEVICE BOX 1/2" (2)

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